i’ve woken damon up so often during this game it’s cruel. anytime kings have the puck i go all “cmonnn, CMOONNNNNNNNNN!” gradually getting louder and louder. each time we scored i jumped about 5 foot in the air scaring him shitless. i can’t stop fidgeting and twitching either and whilst i could go and watch this in the living room, our bed is too comfy. he’s got another 2 periods to try and sleep through, and if we win tonight then any hope of sleep is a write-off..

Tuesday Jun 6 @ 03:12am
Thursday Jun 6 @ 04:34am
Thursday Jun 6 @ 04:13am
Thursday Jun 6 @ 03:16am
Thursday Jun 6 @ 03:02am
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Thursday Jun 6 @ 01:51am
got some granny pants on underneath but nothing else cos it’s fucking sweltering 

got some granny pants on underneath but nothing else cos it’s fucking sweltering 

Thursday Jun 6 @ 01:16am

just over an hour until it starts. explaining the rules of hockey in spanish this evening has mentally drained me but listening to this and sipping a beer is getting me so excited! GO KINGS GO!

Thursday Jun 6 @ 12:54am
best boyfriend ever

best boyfriend ever

Tuesday Jun 6 @ 11:21am

wednesday. game 4. taking thursday morning off work for this one.

Tuesday Jun 6 @ 08:43am

watching NYR v NJD. i’d rather see the devils in the final but either way kings can do it! 

Saturday May 5 @ 03:29am

a little late but w.e i couldn’t stay up for the game last night. i’m so, so, so fucking proud of our boys for not only last nights performance but throughout the whole of this years stanley cup playoffs. i’m hoping we get devils instead of rangers (i live with a rangers fan) but either way whoever we beat will be irrelevant because this year is our year. GO KINGS GO!

Wednesday May 5 @ 12:39pm
Sunday May 5 @ 09:19pm
Sunday May 5 @ 09:13pm
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